Bon Giorno!

I will be honest with you. It is a desire for me to have my own domain since I was still in elementary school. My dad introduced me to the internet that time, and my life was suddenly changed. I’m sure remembered that my first choice on my college entrance exam was School of Electrical and Informatics (which then I failed to enter). Being the IT guy is still kind of cool, because you can really do almost anything to amuse people. Like this guy for example.

It had always been on my wish list since 2011: having a personal domain + hosting. Then, there you go, 2 years later I checked my first, oh wait second—the first one was subscribing to National Geographic and NG Traveler—things to do in 2013 list.

I am permanently moving out to:

Why not using my own name? Haha. Let’s keep it simple, I think my name is too long and I hardly state a specific nickname because people called me different names to this day :)) Besides, I’m in love with the family of TIVO. I’m assured that you will be seeing them more often. For friends who already made links to this blog, please kindly change the address to:

Thank you for landing here, it was a great flight :)


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